Octubre 2016
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10 Nov 2016 
With all the years of experience that I have behind me in forex trading, I can tell you with confidence that you can make money doing forex scalping, but it is extremely challenging and will eventually take its toll on you.

Successful forex traders are great analyzers. You get data, you crunch it and you spot a trend. The problem when trying to do short term trading is that by the time you get the numbers crunched, the trend is here and gone. Or worse, you are analyzing one and 5 minute charts and you think you spot something, but it is really nothing more than a random movement. The chances if being whipsawed is high, unless you have a very good ea scalping system that can filter out the whipsaws in the market.

When you take those hits, they usually hurt. You will find yourself going to your stop margin more often than not and it will wipe away the profits that you made with all of your small hits. There is nothing more discouraging ea scalping than winning 9 out of 10 times and having a losing session.

If you want to get involved in short term trading on the forex market, you better learn to eat stress for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The nature of trading short term means that you never have a second to relax and are constantly taking heat. You are trying to digest one and 5 minute charts and spot a trend before it changes.

While most people fall in love with the action of the short term win, they need to realize the name of the game is to win overall, not just on one trade. If you realize that you can make significantly more by developing a long term forex strategy that will allow you to spot one good deal that will make you much more than a bunch of scalpers. Learn forex the right way by viewing it as a long term business and you'll be on your path to financial freedom.

So if you want to do forex scalping, If you are still not making consistent profits from the market , you can watch my free ea trading guide that will provide all the information you need on how to trade forex successfully. You will also find a simple and proven forex trading strategy that can get you started to make huge profits - consistently.
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